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Precautions for pickling of galvanized iron wire equipment
Release time:2019-03-28 16:57:07

General hardware factories and machinery factories will produce iron wire, or use galvanized iron wire equipment to produce galvanized iron wire according to customer requirements. Galvanized iron wire is very different from ordinary iron wire. Ordinary iron wire is cheap, and because iron is not very stable and easy to rust in wet places, its stability is not very good and its service life is not very long; Galvanized iron wire is coated with a layer of stable zinc outside the iron wire, and the zinc layer is used to protect the iron wire, so as to prolong the service life of the iron wire. Therefore, the machinery factory must learn to use galvanized iron wire equipment.
A very important step before the use of galvanized iron wire equipment is to pickle the iron. Pickling is to use some acid mist or acid solution to wash away some oxides, that is, rust and other corrosives on the iron surface, so as to clean the iron, so that the zinc will fall off when galvanizing. When pickling, pay great attention to the strong corrosivity of acid. Therefore, when adding acid, be sure to pour the acid into the water, and it is along the cylinder wall. Do not pour it down at one time to avoid splashing.
Remember the sequence of pouring acid. Acid into water rather than water into acid. We also learned in high school that water into acid will cause splash and boiling. When pouring acid, we must wear protective glasses and ensure that there are no non professionals around to avoid some risk of acid splashing.

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