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Production control and destructive test requirements of galvanized iron wire
Release time:2019-04-11 14:25:34

After the production of galvanized iron wire, destructive test shall be carried out. When the test piece is not suitable for destructive test with parts, the test piece can be used to replace the parts. The test piece shall be electroplated and treated under the same conditions as the representative parts. Meanwhile, in order to improve the quality of galvanized iron wire, control shall be strengthened during production, as follows:
1. Water washing in the production process, two or more times of water washing shall be carried out after each process, and the cleaning shall be ensured.
2. Water quality requirements: Deionized water or distilled water shall be used for preparing galvanizing and passivation tank solution, and domestic tap water can be used for other water.
3. Tank liquid analysis all tank liquids shall be analyzed regularly, at least once a week, and the records shall be complete.
4. Continuous filtration or periodic filtration shall be adopted for filtration galvanizing, and the periodic filtration shall not be less than once a month with complete records.
5. Production record the processing date, name, drawing number, quantity, dehydrogenation temperature and time of parts shall be recorded during production.
6. Inspection of production equipment before production, the operator shall check whether the relevant production equipment has a conformity label or certificate, and can only be used within the validity period after verification.
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