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What are the production processes and characteristics of galvanized iron wire?
Release time:2021-12-03 08:43:33

What are the production processes and characteristics of galvanized iron wire?
Iron wire is widely used. I believe we often see the emergence of iron wire products in our life. Iron wire materials are mainly processed by low-carbon steel wire rod processing, low-carbon steel, drawing forming, pickling and rust removal, high-temperature annealing, galvanizing process, cooling and other processing processes, so as to generate iron wire.
Galvanized iron wire has good function, toughness and elasticity. The zinc content per square meter can reach 300 grams, and the zinc coating is also very thick. Corrosion resistance can also meet the application requirements. Iron wire is also widely used in construction industry, handicrafts and woven wire mesh. It can also be used as protective fence data of Expressway and product packaging Hot dip galvanizing is immersed in heated molten zinc, and the production speed is also very fast. The zinc layer is thick, but not very uniform. The allowable thickness on the market now needs to be 45 μ M above, up to 300 μ M above, the color is relatively dark, the consumption of zinc is relatively large, and a permeable layer is formed with the base metal, which has very good corrosion resistance. Hot dip galvanizing can be maintained for decades in outdoor environment. Cold galvanizing, i.e. electro galvanizing, is the gradual plating of zinc on the metal surface through the unidirectional current in the electroplating tank, and the production speed is slow. However, the coating is still very uniform, the thickness is very thin, generally only 3-15 microns, and the appearance is very bright. It belongs to hot-dip galvanizing, and the production cost of electro galvanizing is low. Due to the thick coating, hot dip galvanizing has better protection function than electro galvanizing. It is an important maintenance coating for iron and steel parts in harsh working environment.
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